Teenage OP-Z Controller and Editor

as VST and Standalone Version

Teenage OP-Z Controller and Editor
Teenage OP-Z Controller and Editor

Here are my Midi Editor and Controller for the OP-Z teenage engineering Groovebox.


With the OP-Z Editor you have direct access to many parameters.

Especially helpful is the possibility to select Projects and Pattern directly.

The access to the parameters of the OP-Z (and the 8 tracks) is possible directly without using (knowing) the key combination.

Since all 8 tracks are arranged on one surface, you have the full overview.

In the PlugIn VST version you can record the controller movements and thus integrate the OP-Z into your DAW project.


Editor Features:

- Select Projects and Pattern directly from Editor.

- Complex sound changes can be made easily and quickly.

- Direct access to the sound parameters

- All controllers can be automated.

- X-Y modulation of all parameters

- Generate parameters randomly

- You can use your OP-Z as a sound module in the DAW!



The Editor are available for: 

- PC as VST2 and Standalone for 32bit and VST2, VST3 and Standalone for 64bit system.

- MAC as VST2, VST3, AU and Standalone, compatible with MAC Intel and Silicon


Price: 6,90€  / $ 7    (Contains all versions)


OP-Z Editor Demo Video

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